Chemistry By Design

This is a flashcard app that lets students view chemical sequences. The apps shows the starting materials, reagents, and product for every single step in constructing natural products or pharmaceuticals.

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Slack Tool

This purpose of this tool is to automatically populate channels using class roster information. Each instructor wanting to use the tool needs to approve authorization.

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This app is a genetic simulation that accurately displays the results of mating yeast strains. Yeast stains have properties such as nutrient deficiency and temperature sensitivity.

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The OIA SCORM Viewer may be used to create numerous practice or test interactions for students by marking up normal images.

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Ancient to Modern Southwest Indian Pottery

Get up-close and personal with four Southwest pottery masterworks from the Arizona State Museum Pottery Project!

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Real Analysis

This app is a companion to MATH 425A, the first-semester undergraduate analysis course taught at the University of Arizona. The main purpose of this app is to give a hands on demonstration for several different mathematical ideas. 

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This app is a genetic simulation that accurately displays the results of mating butterflies. There are several traits, such as wing size, wing color, vein color that are determined by the butterfly's genes.

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This Resiliency app is the result of cooperative effort between One Tree Psychological Resources, Southern Arizona VA Health Care System, the College of Agriculture, and the Office of Instruction and Assessment at the University of Arizo

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Picture Rosters Tool Suite

The Picture Rosters Tool Suite provides picture flash cards to to assist instructors with learning to recognize students in the class.

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Do you have an idea for your classroom that would make a great app?  To reach your students learn in an interactive way?  A way to help your classroom? 
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